Hal Kantner

Hal Kantner Hal Kantner Hal Kantner
Hal Kantner serves as a Senior Vice President with HOK where he leads the firm’s Visual Communications studio.

He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies.

A 35-year veteran of graphic design for the built environment, his experience has been earned inside large architectural firms.

He led graphic design at Caudill Rowlett Scott (later CRSS) for 10 years, where print publishing about land planning, real estate, construction, facilities, and workplace were integral to the service offering.

The two decades with HOK have seen the rise of facilities as a media vehicle and the studio serves to interpret on-brand, of-culture, on-mission environments for corporate, cultural, and governmental clients.

The studio’s focus continues with publishing in-print and on-screen, adding as well the dimensional venue of on-site experiential and interpretive graphics.

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