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Environments and the stories they tell us — either directly or implicitly


is a useful metaphor for thinking about one’s own cave and what cultural storytelling is passively recorded on the walls; what corporate lore is relayed interactively around pixelated campfire settings; and which treasured artifacts are displayed as evidence of tribal success. We explore the cave painting analogy and review the creative process, reocurring concepts, delivery tools, and project management techniques used to storytell inside today’s corporate cave.
Messages ‘painted’ inside the enterprise cave that record the origins of the tribe and epic events in tribal history. These cave paintings serve to educate the young, and the new, more recent arrivals. They afford the ability to evidence tribal belief systems. These messages may also persuade visitors to join the tribe ... or perhaps lets other tribes see your strengths ... and convince them to ally with you. As a phenomenon, it offers up corporate lore and evolves into corporate myth, each tying enterprise culture together as a community.
The focus of our efforts is understanding the convergence of (a) facilities strategy and (b) visual technology and (c) enterprise communication strategy and (d) entertainment culture. The emerged opportunity: your “spaces” deliver messages — whether they are visible or intangible, ad hoc or strategized — we have all learned to read ‘environment’. Our premise: this is a logical evolutionary step for architecture, and we are showing what’s possible with a three dimensional canvas, offering both tools and process to achieve these spaces.
This guide illustrates our experience via examples. We go beyond the words ‘corporate’ and ‘brand’ (though these are a facet of our work) and touch on words like ‘mission’ and ‘culture’ for enterprises that are non-profits, governmental, academic, and military. We focus on environments as the medium for each message masterplan and place an umbrella process overtop the execution. It is a competitive offering that differentiates.

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